Fiachra Woodman


Fiachra has held a variety of IT Management and Technical roles in Banking, Retail, Insurance, Fund Management and Travel sectors, working with companies such as AIB, CCB, Gartmore Fund Managers, Henderson Investors, AMP, NPI, Pearl Assurance and River Island. During his tenure as IT Director for AIMIA in the EMEA region, Fiachra oversaw the building of “Nectar”, the UKs largest loyalty programme and the world-renowned Retail SKU analytics platform “Self-Serve”, before setting up AIMIA’s Global Innovation Lab.

In 2016 Fiachra became VP of Payments for Nectar and in 2017 joined Now Money UAE as their CTO, while becoming CEO and co-founder of his own company BrightSpark Innovations Ltd and ShootCase Ltd. In 2019 Fiachra joined The Brain Tumour Charity as their CTO and led the team which built the BRIAN (Brain tumouR Information and Analysis Network) Databank, App and WebApp.

Fiachra was then asked to lead the creation of Medli Health Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Brian Tumour Charity, designed to bring the BRIAN solution to medical research charities working in other therapeutic areas. BrightSpark Innovations continue to develop software solutions for charities working in other sectors.

Liam Heffernan

Director of Finance & Governance

I joined The Brain Tumour Charity because it has set unashamedly ambitious goals of doubling survival and halving the harm caused by brain tumours. Furthermore, it goes about achieving those aims by challenging everyone to be the best they can be and making the charity as effective as possible.

I’m a Chartered Accountant with over twenty years’ experience in industry. Prior to joining The Charity, I was leading finance for a $1.5 billion turnover global electronics distributor through a business transformation. Transformation is a crucial aspect for all organisations these days, as technology accelerates the rate of change, and managing that process requires skill and judgement. I’m keen to play my part in the journey of driving the transformation in the treatment and care of those with Brain Tumours.

I love the challenge of working with a great team to do amazing things, which is why the opportunity to join The Brain Tumour Charity was one I couldn’t refuse. I am very excited to be part of the charity’s latest venture Medli Health Limited.

Medli is the winner of:

New Health Tech Innovation of the Year

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Awards & Recognition

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Data securely managed by Amazon Web Services (ISO 27001)
  • Technology based on The Brain Tumour Charity’s BRIAN app
  • Member of the UK Health Data Research Alliance
  • BRIAN is certified by ORCHA as a high-quality medical app
  • BRIAN was commended for good practice by auditors from NHS Digital
  • WINNER of “New Health Tech Innovation of the Year 2023”.