Medli for Patients

Everything in one place; your data can make a difference

Everything in one place

No matter your diagnosis or the conditions you are living with, record all of your healthcare information in a single place. Get reminders for appointments and medications. Complete trackers and questionnaires to monitor your quality of life. Integrate your fitness app data and compare it to your health data to see how you’re doing over time.

Connect to charities that matter to you

It’s easy to connect your Medli account to the charities you support. Affiliating to a charity gives you access to support information and specialised trackers, which will not only help you keep track of how you’re doing, but will also help charities gather the information they need to drive improvements in treatments, pathways and policies.

Bridging the gap

We created Medli to allow you to work together with charities and life sciences to improve healthcare for all. Medli allows you to share your data with friends and family, your healthcare team, the charities you support, and researchers in order to improve outcomes in all disease areas.

Track all of your conditions in a single app

Get support and information from charities you connect with

Connect your wearables, create activity and health trackers

Record your medications & appointments, and set reminders

Track symptoms and side effects

Chat with other app users for support

Monitor your wellbeing over time using charts and graphs

Securely share data with friends, family, and your care team


“By using Medli, we hope to achieve change, both for people living with pancreatic cancer right now and also for the future of pancreatic cancer. We know the tool will help people manage their condition, empowering them to have greater control and enabling them to navigate the healthcare system.

People diagnosed with pancreatic cancer have limited opportunities to contribute their time and experience to help change things in the future. Through Medli, we will enable people to contribute their own data to research to help make a difference for those diagnosed in the future.

Health data is an essential tool for driving change and we hope that through the collection of data in Medli, we’ll be able to create compelling, evidence based recommendations for improvements to support our campaigning and influencing activity and help us achieve our vision.”

Sarah Bell, Head of Services, Pancreatic Cancer UK

Awards & Recognition

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Data securely managed by Amazon Web Services (ISO 27001)
  • Technology based on The Brain Tumour Charity’s BRIAN app

  • Member of the UK Health Data Research Alliance 

  • BRIAN is certified by ORCHA as a high-quality medical app

  • BRIAN was commended for good practice by auditors from NHS Digital