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Managing one’s health can be a daunting task, especially living with a chronic condition. Fortunately, the development of healthcare apps for patients has made it easier to keep track of medications, appointments, and other health-related information.

One such healthcare app is Medli, which allows patients to track their medications, appointments, and create their own trackers, even connecting their own wearable devices to the app. This article will discuss how healthcare apps like Medli can make managing a chronic health condition easier and more efficient.

Medli is a health tracking app that provides patients with a convenient and secure way to manage their health. With the app, patients can keep track of their medications, appointments, symptoms, and side effects in one place. Patients can also create their own trackers, allowing them to monitor their health status more closely. By connecting wearable devices like smartwatches or fitness trackers, patients can get more accurate and detailed tracking of their health status.

Healthcare app for PatientsOne of the most significant benefits of using an app like Medli is that it can make managing a chronic health condition more manageable. Patients with chronic conditions often need to monitor their health status regularly, keeping track of medications, appointments, and symptoms. With Medli, everything is in one secure and safe place, making it easier for patients to manage their health and stay on top of their treatment plan.

In addition, patients can share their data with their healthcare team if they wish. This feature allows healthcare professionals to get a better understanding of their patients’ health status, leading to more personalised care and treatment plans. For example, if a patient with diabetes is using Medli to track their blood sugar levels, they can share this data with their healthcare team. This allows the healthcare team to get a better understanding of the patient’s blood sugar levels over time and adjust their treatment plan accordingly, leading to better health outcomes.

Another significant benefit of using a healthcare app like Medli is that it can help patients stay on track with their medications. Patients can set reminders for when to take their medications, reducing the risk of missing a dose. This feature is especially crucial for patients with chronic conditions who need to take medications regularly.

With Medli, you can:

  • Log your symptoms
  • Receive important reminders
  • Search for clinical trials
  • Search for benefits they you be entitled to
  • Connect wearable devices
  • Create you own trackers
  • Make donations
  • Decide what information you want to share, and who you want to share it with

Overall, healthcare apps like Medli can be incredibly beneficial for patients, making managing a chronic health condition more manageable and efficient. By providing a convenient and secure way to keep track of medications, appointments, and other health-related information, patients can stay on top of their treatment plan and get more personalised care from their healthcare team. If you’re struggling to manage your health or have a chronic condition, consider using a healthcare app like Medli to help you take control of your health and improve your overall well-being.

How Medli’s features can support you

Track all of your conditions in a single app

Get support and information from charities you connect with

Connect your wearables, create activity and health trackers

Record your medications & appointments, and set reminders

Track symptoms and side effects

Chat with other app users for support

Monitor your wellbeing over time using charts and graphs

Securely share data with friends, family, and your care team

Medli Health Tracking App

Everything in one place

Ensure that all of your healthcare information is documented in one place, regardless of your diagnosis or medical conditions. Receive appointment and medication reminders, and use trackers and questionnaires to monitor your quality of life. You can also integrate your fitness app data and compare it to your health information to track your progress over time.

Connect to charities that matter to you

Connecting your Medli account with the charities you support is a simple process. By affiliating with a charity, you can gain access to support information and specialised trackers. This not only helps you monitor your progress but also allows charities to collect necessary information to improve treatments, pathways, and policies.

Bridging the gap

The purpose of Medli is to facilitate collaboration among charities, life sciences, and individuals like you, to enhance healthcare for everyone. By utilising Medli, you can share your health data with your healthcare team, friends, family, the charities you support, and researchers, which can lead to better outcomes in all areas of disease.

The Medli app and web app offer a user-friendly and straightforward interface, designed to help users stay informed and organised regarding their daily tasks and activities.

With Medli, users can record their medical treatments, appointments, medications, and symptoms across all their conditions in a secure and reliable environment. The app provides various features such as Medli insights and Medli symptom tracker, as well as integrations with wearable devices, enabling users to monitor and analyse their progress.

Moreover, Medli users can search for clinical trials and benefits they may qualify for, connect with other users through discussion boards, and store their notes, PDFs, and images in a single accessible platform.

Medli also allows users to control the information they share with their friends, family, healthcare providers, and researchers. Additionally, users can affiliate with charities that offer trackers, questionnaires, and newsfeeds tailored to their communities and specific conditions.


What Medli is doing for Pancreatic Cancer UK

The Medli app can help patients regain control over their treatment and provide a convenient way to store all their medical information. Patients can use the app to log their medications and appointments, track side effects and symptoms, and set reminders to help them stay on top of everything. They can even set up their own trackers to monitor the things that matter to them.

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