Health data in harmony

Building a bridge between patients, charities, and life sciences

Medli is changing the future of health data.

Medli brings patients, charities and life sciences together to help achieve their mutually compatible goals.

Medli is the winner of:

New Health Tech Innovation of the Year

Who is Medli for? 

Medli helps you track how you’re doing, keep all the information about each of your conditions in one secure place, and gives you access to information from the charities that support you.

Charities can customise the app to gather the information they need from their communities. They can use the Medli analytics portal to create and share anonymised insights from their community data and from national datasets provided by Medli.

Healthcare Professionals
Medli allows patients to share their data with their healthcare team, improving communication and understanding.

Life Sciences
Medli collects a wide range of PROMs data across all disease areas, enriching potential for longitudinal studies and research.

Medli has been created and developed by The Brain Tumour Charity.

Revenues generated by Medli are used to help The Brain Tumour Charity achieve its goals.

What does Medli do?

Find out how easily Medli can digitally transform your Charity and enable you to uncover new insights and improve the lives of patients…

What our partners say

“By using Medli, we hope to achieve change, both for people living with pancreatic cancer right now and also for the future of pancreatic cancer.

What can Medli do for your organisation?

Medli allows your organisation to interact, deploy content, research and monitor patient health & wellbeing, analyse real-world data and discover insights. It’s the future of patient healthcare and disease management.

The Medli Platform

The Medli Platform accommodates multiple Therapeutic Areas (TAs) within a common SaaS platform and the capacity for users to track multiple conditions in a single solution.

In Medli we built “Feature Builders” to be used by charities to build features for their communities. The role of organisational admin, (Org Admin), was created to allow charities to self-serve in Medli.

Org admins can use the organisation dashboard to view their own population’s feature usage stats and overall app engagement figures on a daily, weekly, monthly and 12 weekly basis and review the activity levels of each individual user via the user search facilities.

Charity specific country stats enable each charity to see the origins of their userbase. A charity’s org admin works with a Medli systems admin to configure the platform, app and web-app to have the look, feel, fonts, branding, settings and overall identity for their charity.


We know it can be hard to get the right information into the hands of your community when they need it most.

The Medli navigator allows a user to answer 2 simple questions to create a declaration of where they are on their pathway. The Medli platform allows a charity to load all their support information into Medli, so that their content is available to their community via the app.

Charities can organise their content by age, pathway stage and type, so that users see the information most relevant to their declaration. Charities can update their content as often as they like and users can change their declarations as often as they need to.


We found that it wasn’t enough to just encourage our community to download an app. We needed to encourage them to use it as well. But with so many competing demands, it’s hard to mobilise the right teams and to find time in the busy comms calendar to send all the messages you’d like your app users to hear. The Medli Nudge Builder allows a charity employee to create a series of nudges to encourage habitual app usage.

Charities can use our Medli rules engine to define a cohort of users and to create a series of always-on nudges, which are automatically sent to those cohorts when the conditions of those rules are met. Encourage your community to keep their health data up to date, to try new features you’ve built, to contribute data to research and to pursue whatever is the next best action for them!

You can encourage most app interactions, predicated on a set of nested rules. Nudges can significantly increase engagement and build usage habits.


Decide what you need to find out from your community. Create in-App Trackers to gather that data. Decide what questions you want to pose, which UI elements you want to use, what logic should be applied. Decide what insight you want to show with users contributing to your tracker.

Do all this in the Medli platform and make your tracker live in your App in minutes! When you’ve gathered enough input, use MAP (Medli Analytics Platform) our GUI analytics environment, to analyse the data you’ve gathered.


E-Consenting allows each charity to create their own E-consents, complete with age-specific patient information sheets, bespoke consents, and signature protocols.

Questionnaire Builder

Charities are uniquely placed to play a pivotal role in gathering research data from the communities they serve. All they’ve ever needed were the right tools.

Using the Medli Questionnaire Builder, a charity can publish their own questionnaires to the Medli App, allowing their community to provide the data researchers need, at their own convenience.

This is one of the many ways in which Medli can help a charity engage with their community.

Clinical Trial Data Sharing

Clinical Trial Data Sharing affords a digital and hence more flexible approach to setting up trials and obtaining consents from users so that their data can be shared with those trials.

Clinical Trial Descriptions

Clinical Trial Descriptions allow a charity to add lay descriptions or other such explanatory notes to be seen by users interacting with the Medli Clinical Trial Finder, which sources its data from clinical

Medli Analytics Platform

The Medli Analytics Platform (MAP) gives charities access to the Medli Cohort Builder and Query Builder. The combination of these MAP features allows a charity to build complex patient cohorts and queries to run against the PROMS data gathered from their community. Medli has applied for access to therapeutic-specific, national datasets so that we can provide charities with access to some of the following datasets: NHSD HES, DIDS, NCRAS, RDTS, SACT and ONS data.


Discussion Boards

Providing your community with a safe place to talk, which allows you a perspective on their concerns, while fulfilling your safeguarding responsibilities… can be challenging.

Medli lets a charity create discussion boards for their community. Keyword Alerts can be setup by a Charity Admin to advise their team of issues being raised within those boards. The Discussion board word cloud feature allows the admin to see a graphical representation of the major themes being discussed in the discussion board. Users are automatically given access to the discussion board associated with the charity to which they affiliate.

Users can comment on existing posts, create new Posts and be alerted when new comments are added to a specific post they are interested in.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow charities to configure their own news feeds in the Medli Platform to keep their communities up to date with the latest charity and condition news delivered via the app.

Awards & Recognition

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Data securely managed by Amazon Web Services (ISO 27001)
  • Technology based on The Brain Tumour Charity’s BRIAN app
  • Member of the UK Health Data Research Alliance
  • BRIAN is certified by ORCHA as a high-quality medical app
  • BRIAN was commended for good practice by auditors from NHS Digital
  • WINNER of “New Health Tech Innovation of the Year 2023”.