Health data in harmony

Building a bridge between patients, charities, and life sciences

Medli is changing the future of health data. Medli brings patients, charities and life sciences together to help achieve their mutually compatible goals.

Bridging the gap in healthcare research


Medli helps you track how you’re doing, keep all the information about each of your conditions in one secure place, and gives you access to information from the charities that support you.


Charities can customise the app to gather the information they need from their communities. They can use the Medli analytics portal to create and share anonymised insights from their community data and from national datasets provided by Medli.

Healthcare Professionals

Medli allows patients to share their data with their healthcare team, improving communication and understanding.

Life Sciences

Medli collects a wide range of PROMs data across all disease areas, enriching potential for longitudinal studies and research

Medli has been created and developed by The Brain Tumour Charity.

Revenues generated by Medli are used to help The Brain Tumour Charity achieve its goals.


“By using Medli, we hope to achieve change, both for people living with pancreatic cancer right now and also for the future of pancreatic cancer. We know the tool will help people manage their condition, empowering them to have greater control and enabling them to navigate the healthcare system.

People diagnosed with pancreatic cancer have limited opportunities to contribute their time and experience to help change things in the future. Through Medli, we will enable people to contribute their own data to research to help make a difference for those diagnosed in the future.

Health data is an essential tool for driving change and we hope that through the collection of data in Medli, we’ll be able to create compelling, evidence based recommendations for improvements to support our campaigning and influencing activity and help us achieve our vision.”

Sarah Bell, Head of Services, Pancreatic Cancer UK

Awards & Recognition

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Data securely managed by Amazon Web Services (ISO 27001)
  • Technology based on The Brain Tumour Charity’s BRIAN app

  • Member of the UK Health Data Research Alliance 

  • BRIAN is certified by ORCHA as a high-quality medical app

  • BRIAN was commended for good practice by auditors from NHS Digital